Our Company

The Complete Herbal Pharmacy for the Traditional Oriental Medicine Health Care Professional

KW Botanicals was founded in 1984 by acupuncturists Brian and Ayumi Kie Weissbuch. Our vision is to provide primary health care professionals with a comprehensive line of premium quality herbal formulations in the form of fluid extracts. To this endeavor, we bring an extensive background in western sciences (botany, biochemistry, physiology, plant pharmacology, and toxicology), Traditional Oriental Medicine, research in China and Japan, and 26 years of clinical and teaching experience. We embrace classical energetic and empirical medicine, while incorporating research from western laboratory and clinical studies.

Premium quality herbs are fundamental to the healing process. KW Botanicals defines premium quality as organically grown or wildcrafted herbs which are fresh or dried from the current year’s harvest. We have developed an extensive domestic network of organic growers and wildcrafters, allowing us to create extracts free from the toxic residues of fumigants and agricultural fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. Currently, 62% of our fluid extracts (including over 180 herbs from the Chinese pharmacopoeia) are grown organically or harvested in the wild. Our herbs of Chinese origin are the best quality available and are unsulphured.

KW Botanicals uses fresh (undried) herbs to make 40% of our organic and wildcrafted herb extracts. Captured at the peak of harvest, these herbs contain higher quantities of active ingredients than dried herbs, resulting in botanical medicines of unparalleled effectiveness.

KW Botanicals provides formulas in the form of fluid extracts which are rapidly and thoroughly absorbed, even in patients with Spleen and Stomach Deficiency. They are easily prepared, assuring greater patient compliance.

KW Botanicals offers comprehensive and flexible options for the health professional.